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James F Crow Early Career Researcher Award

Professor James F. Crow’s contributions to the field of genetics were impactful and innumerable. Crow and his students revealed the rates and fitness consequences of mutations, discovered segregation distorter loci, and began the characterization of P transposable elements, using Drosophila melanogaster as a model system. Theoretical achievements included laying the foundation for the neutral theory of molecular evolution, reformulating the concept of genetic load, and understanding the effects of inbreeding on genetic variation. Crow’s “An Introduction to Population Genetics Theory”, published in 1970 with Motoo Kimura, remains the gold standard text for theoretical population genetics today. With Bill Dove, Crow co-edited the monthly “Perspectives” section of Genetics for more than 20 years. Crow’s own written contributions to the section (45 articles) masterfully situated controversies and leaders in genetics in their historical context.

Crow seamlessly integrated research with outstanding teaching and a passion for public service. Crow excelled at explaining genetic concepts to a wide range of audiences, making him an unusually effective and popular teacher. He spoke to people he met in the community with the same admiration and excitement with which he greeted his scientific colleagues. Crow was that rare colleague who everyone loved: a model scientist and an exemplary human.

In this centennial year for the Genetics Society of America, Crow too would have turned 100 years of age. Crow considered his students to be his greatest gift to science. It is in this spirit that the Genetics Society of America will present the James F. Crow Early Career Researcher Award to honor and celebrate Crow’s legacy.

Award Guidelines:

Eligibility: Any GSA member student or recent Ph.D. (not before July 2014) in population, evolutionary, or quantitative genetics research who will be submitting an abstract and attending TAGC July 13-17, 2016.

Submission should include the following:

  • Copy of the submitted abstract with confirmation number
  • One-page summary of the significance and innovation of the applicant’s work
  • A description of any contributions from collaborators (to clarify your role in individual projects) 
  • CV

Submissions should be e-mailed as ONE PDF to awards@genetics-gsa.org for receipt by March 25, 2016.  Subject line MUST read "James F Crow Award." Only electronic submissions will be accepted.

Four finalists will be selected to each give a 15-minute talk at the conference. Finalists will be asked to provide a photo and short (50 words or less) biographical sketch for promotional purposes. Talks should be directed toward a general audience of PEQG scientists.

The talks will be evaluated by a panel of judges representing a broad spectrum of PEQG. One winner will be selected and presented with the James F. Crow Early Career Researcher Award.

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