Yeast Awards


Yeast Genetics Meeting Lifetime Achievement Award

For lifetime contributions in the field of yeast genetics and outstanding community service. This year's awardee is
James Broach, Penn State University.

Previous Recipients:
2014 - Jeremy Thorner, University of California, Berkeley
2012 - John Pringle, Stanford University
2010 - Paul Nurse, The Rockefeller University
2008 - Elizabeth Jones, Carnegie Mellon University
2006 - Fred Sherman, University of Rochester Medical School
2004 - Ron Davis, Stanford University
2002 - Gerald Fink, Whitehead Institute for Biomedical Research

Ira Herskowitz Award

For outstanding contributions in the field of yeast research in the last 20 years. This award is usually given to scientists under 50. This year's awardee is
Lars Steinmetz, Stanford University.

Previous Recipients:
2014 - Olga Troyanskaya, Princeton University
2012 - Angelika Amon, MIT
2010 - Brenda Andrews, University of Toronto
2008 - David Drubin, University of California, Berkeley
2006 - Charles Boone, University of Toronto, Canada
2004 - Jef Boeke, Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine
2002 - Mark Johnston, University of Colorado

Winge-Lindegren Address

A thought provoking perspective given by a leader in the field of yeast genetics. This year's address will be given by
Rodney Rothstein, Columbia University.

Previous Addresses:
2014 - Anita Hopper - Ohio State University
2012 - Andrew Murray, Harvard University
2010 - Jasper Rine, University of California, Berkeley
2008 - The Cold Spring Harbor Yeast Group - Jeff Strathern, NIH, Amar Klar, NIH, Jim Hick, Cold Spring Harbor Lab
2006 - Chris Guthrie, University of California, San Francisco
2004 - Andre Sentenac, CEA/Saclay
2002 - David Botstein, Princeton University

Lee Hartwell Lecture

Given by a noted researcher in the field who has used yeast in a way that has had an obvious impact on other fields. This year's lecture will be presented by Susan Gasser, Friedrich Miescher Institute.

Previous Lectures:
2014 - George Church, Harvard Medical School
2012 - Stan Fields, University of Washington, Seattle
2010 - Randy Schekman, University of California, Berkeley
2008 - Mitsurhio Yanagida, Kyoto University
2006 - Kim Nasmyth, Oxford University
2004 - Susan Lindquist, Whitehead Institute
2002 - Leland Hartwell, Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center

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