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You Can Publish That, Too!

Publishing Education Resources

Saturday, July 16, 2016

4:00 pm - 6:00 pm

North Tower: Bahamas

Attendees will learn about various outlets for publication of educational resources and course materials, including GSA PREP, CBE-Life Sciences Education, CourseSource, and the Life Sciences Teaching Resource Community.


4:00-4:20 pm: Introduction - what's the difference between scholarship of teaching and learning (SOTL) and evidence-based teaching resources?
4:20-4:40 pm: CBE- Life Sciences Education
4:40-5:00 pm: CourseSource
5:00-5:20 pm: GSA PREP, Primers in GENETICS, and other resource platforms
5:20-6:00 pm: Q&A and platform exploration


Sarah (Sally) Elgin, PhD - Professor of Biology, Washington University in St. Louis

Sarah (Sally) Elgin is a Professor of Biology, of Genetics, and of Education at Washington University in St. Louis. Her research is in epigenetics, particularly heterochromatin formation. She became an HHMI Professor in 2002, funding that enabled her to start the Genomics Education Partnership, a consortium that teaches genomics by engaging undergraduates in a research project. She has taught undergraduates (majors and nonmajors), graduate students, and K-12 teachers.

Michelle Smith, PhD - Assistant Professor, University of Maine

Dr. Smith's work focuses on how to help students learn biology and help faculty adopt promising educational practices in their classrooms. Specifically, she is interested in investigating the origins of pervasive misunderstandings in genetics, determining what aspects of peer discussion make it an effective learning tool in both large-lecture and small-enrollment courses, and collaborating with biology faculty on science education research questions in an effort to facilitate course transformation.

Dr. Smith was a PALM (Promoting Active Learning & mentoring) mentor in the program's inaugural class

Beth Ruedi, PhD - Director of Education and Professional Development, Genetics Society of America

Beth Ruedi is the Director of Education and Professional Development at the Genetics Society of America (GSA). Beth received her PhD in behavior genetics from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, and then became a lecturer & postdoc at North Carolina State University. In 2010, she began a part-time position with the GSA while finishing her work at NCSU, moving to DC in 2011 to serve in her current role. Her duties include coordinating educational and professional development programming at GSA conferences, maintaining and enhancing the Society's educational resources, and developing

"I am passionate about mentoring, diversity in STEM, and a wide array of very nerdy things."