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The Allied Genetics Conference 2016 (TAGC)

Bringing Genetics Together

Thank you for a fantastic TAGC 2016! We’ll see you at TAGC 2020 in the Washington, DC region!

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Participating Communities

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Community Chatter

“I think of this as the olympics of genetics. This is an opportunity for the best and brightest to cut their teeth on the most fundamental aspects of biology and genetics in different organisms.”

- Jasper Rine

“There’s excellent work going on across the model organism communities. This will be an opportunity for one stop shopping, if you're interested in a couple of areas you will get to see the latest work going on.”

- Vicki Chandler

“Especially for the students and postdocs who are at a stage in their career where they are trying to decide what are they going to do next, and this will expose them to a much broader range of research directions and topics.”

- Marnie Halpern

“Golden opportunity to maximize those chance encounters in the hallway and who knows what great ideas will be sparked.”

- Lynn Cooley

“Excellent - I've worked on several model organisms (C. elegans, zebrafish, drosophila) and saw how much knowledge in one field would be extremely useful to the other field but just isn't known at all.”

- Survey Respondent


Outstanding Keynote Speakers

Each of the concurrent individual meetings will have its own programming developed by organizers from the respective communities. In addition there will be three, joint plenary sessions featuring these keynote speakers.

Cori Bargmann, PhD

Rockefeller University/
Howard Hughes Medical Institute (HHMI)

Jef Boeke, PhD

New York

Francis S. Collins, MD, PhD

National Institutes of Health

Harry C. Dietz, MD

Johns Hopkins University/

Jennifer A. Doudna, PhD

University of California,

Denis Duboule, PhD

EPFL / University
of Geneva

Jeffrey I. Gordon, MD

Washington University,
St. Louis

David Kingsley, PhD

Stanford University/

Svante Pääbo, PhD

Max-Planck Institute
for Evolutionary Anthropology

Molly Przeworski, PhD


Pamela C. Ronald, PhD

University of California,

Amita Sehgal, PhD

University of Pennsylvania/

Shirley M. Tilghman, PhD


Leonard Zon, MD

Harvard Medical School/


GSA Coordinating Committee

The GSA Coordinating Committee, with representatives from each community, anticipates TAGC will be particularly inspiring to a new generation of geneticists across multiple model organism systems and approaches.


Phil Hieter - Co-Chair

Jeannie Lee - Co-Chair


Paul Sternberg - C. elegans

Geoffrey Kapler - Ciliates

Susan Celniker - Drosophila

John C. Schimenti - Mouse

Michael Lynch - Population, Evolutionary and Quantitative

Michael Snyder - Yeast

Rebecca Burdine - Zebrafish

Kathleen Dumas - Trainee Representative