Although most of the central venues of TAGC revolve around the long-standing model-organism meetings, the broad and overlapping fields of population, evolutionary, and quantitative (PEQ) genetics span these systems and more. Thus, in the interest of developing a fully comprehensive genetics conference, the Genetics Society of America (GSA) will also convene the first joint meeting for researchers in the latter fields.

Topics will range from population genomics to molecular evolution to the dissection of the determinants of quantitative-trait variation, with equal emphasis placed on both model and non-model organisms across the Tree of Life. PEQ has a long history of both applied and theoretical research, and both will be an integral part of this meeting.

PEQ Important News

James F Crow Award Submissions Due March 25  

Financial Assistance is available to help individuals who would otherwise be unable to attend the meeting. Awards are available for postdocs, graduate and undergraduates in addition to MaPD ChildCare Grants. Check out the Awards page for details on applying. The deadline for applications is March 1

The intention here is to promote a strong cross-disciplinary network of colleagues performing both theoretical and empirical work. The meeting will consist of a series of short talks, poster sessions, and plenary talks, and will be dovetailed with the model-organism venues to facilitate maximum interaction among those with similar conceptual interests. As many as 90 oral presentations will be delivered directly in the PEQ meeting, with dozens to hundreds of others with direct connections being given in the other model-organism sub-meetings. Time in the schedule will be set aside for the usual GSA-sponsored career-development workshops, including education-oriented, grant-writing, and networking sessions focused on strategies for building successful teaching methodologies and lasting collaborations.

GSA plans for PEQ to become the premier, regular gathering of graduate students, postdoctoral scholars, and established scientists in these central areas of genetics, ideally being established as another of the several periodic meetings sponsored and managed by the GSA. After nearly 100 years of research in population, evolutionary, and quantitative genetics, the time for holding such an exciting meeting is long overdue.

You won't want to miss this meeting where you can build relationships that are key to future collaborations.

Join Us July 13-17 in Orlando, Florida


Dirk-Jan (DJ) de Koning

Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences

John Willis

Duke University

Patricia Wittkopp

University of Michigan


The following topics will be featured at the conference and speakers will be selected from submitted abstracts in the following areas:

  • Population Genomics
  • Experimental Evolution
  • Genome Evolution
  • Quantitative Traits
  • Ecological Evolution
  • Adaptation and Speciation
  • Molecular Evolution

Population, Evolutionary and Quantitative Genetics Conference Awards

James F Crow Early Career Researcher Award  

Submission Deadline March 25

In this centennial year for the Genetics Society of America, Crow too would have turned 100 years of age. Crow considered his students to be his greatest gift to science. It is in this spirit that the Genetics Society of America will present the James F. Crow Early Career Researcher Award to honor and celebrate Crow’s legacy.

You can view a complete list of Awards here.



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Michael Lynch, Chair

Indiana University

Kirsten Bomblies

Harvard University

Lauren McIntyre

University of Florida

Bret Payseur

University of Wisconsin

Dmitri Petrov

Stanford University


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The Allied Genetics Conference (TAGC) is a meeting that, for the first time, brings together seven different genetics research communities for a one of a kind event.